Faren was born in 1989 in Tehran

Faren was born in 1989 in Tehran where she was raised and graduated in economy.
She is a woman of her time, using her cellphone as a camera to shoot herself in her daily life, but what makes her so unique is the way how she interprets her self-portraits.
Her interest for the past life, especially for the Victorian decades, inspires her photographs.
A real gift to catch the light, a certain romanticism in the eyes, a face of Madonna give a powerful emotion to her self-portraits. She gives more than a mobilegraphy, she gives her soul as the best actresses do when they act.
Faren devotes her life to Art, she also learns music and plays guitar electric. There is no doubt, Faren is an artist.

Remember her name, Faren…

Follow her on Instagram : f.a.r.e.n.a.r.t

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