Griffith Lighton comments my work

Literally, sensational use of color and shape!…

This is what I mean when I describe the art form « colorshapping ». The affect is not simply a happy or sad feeling or something in between . There can be a visceral sensational effect.

In this case, it’s like a roller coaster ride. Really good example of what modern art actually is, combining the notion of realism with the abstraction of «  as best can be determined ».

The image is abstract but, at the same time, it has natural color and shape to render an affectation that has nothing to do with its natural identity. The « added identity » is an on-demand attribute of the artist, describing what objective reality actually is, as best can be determined within the realm of relative perception, which just happens to be the way science describes it.

Griffith Lighton

Artist, writer, political economist.



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