Eric Lesigne was born in Paris in 1967.
He graduated of the French Institute of Fashion School in Paris in 1988.
He started working as a Digital Artist in 2015.


Beyond the digital image is the message

Eric Lesigne uses his work to convey a laconic thought, a reflection of the spirit.

If the portraits appear, at first glance, playful, the various components that make them up epitomize just as many representative codes of thought, a transposition of the soul and spirit in matter as self-affirmation, an impermanent anchor of knowledge poised on different footholds.

Art is the extension of soul, its representation

In 2021, his path brought him closer to Sciarsism, an artistic movement founded by the Russian artist and painter Sergey Dozhd, who finds, in Eric’s work, the very expression of the elements authentic to movement he founded.

The research in the psychological process of artistic creation opens a new field of vision to Eric while providing a new direction to his work, its investigation and its expression.

Thenceforth, the portraits dilute to make room for cerebral matter, the faces become abstract like holograms of a deciphered thought.

A play on various superimposed images that convey a mysterious soul quality to the evanescent portraits while bringing to his work a vibrant depth in which man sees a mirror reflection of himself.

Here memory is alive, without any borders

No borders also in his artistic research.

In his wish to expand the them of soul-decoding further, Eric works with more abstract forms.

In this output lab, only depth of the soul is probed. Portraits fade to leave room for a « zoomed » or enhanced imprint of the mind, a decoding of the unconscious.

Here, one is closer to the vision of the visionary than to artistic abstraction.

This feature of Eric’s work stimulates a cerebral MRI, an MRI of the soul. Cellular thoughts become lines, forms, colors. We are in a literal interpretation of the unconscious.

Beyound the decorative aspect of this work, hides the idea that every man conveys in himself an interpretation of the creation.

The depths of the soul are accessible to all